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The Best CPR/AED Training for Professional Rescuers and Workplace First Responders


We offer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation classes that combine traditional methods of teaching with the latest presentation technology to create a fun and exciting learning environment. Our classes are designed to meet the needs of each individual student so that the student can proceed at their own pace as each skill is mastered.
We offer classes for schools, police departments, fire departments, community education programs and private industry or businesses. We will conduct CPR classes at your site for the convenience of your organization and personnel.

We use computer generated review games in the classroom to provide a fun and exciting learning environment while reinforcing the knowledge presented earlier in the class. The combination of computer technology, audio visual aids and practical sessions provides for a rich and rewarding learning environment that is also very productive.

Life threatening emergencies can occur in the work place at anytime. When someone suffers cardiac arrest from a medical problem or traumatic injury, it is essential that CPR and other life saving measures be taken as soon as possible. Without oxygen, brain cells may begin to die within 10 minutes. Prompt intervention by CPR trained co-workers can many times be the difference between life and death.

Over 400,000 people die each year suddenly from heart attacks. Most of these heart attacks occur outside of hospitals in the workplace or at home. That is why citizen level CPR training is so important. Training more people in CPR may help to reduce these deaths. In addition, many of these deaths are related to unnatural heart rhythms that must be corrected if the patient is to survive. In recent years, many organizations are purchasing Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) that can correct lethal heart rhythms.

We offer AED training courses for pre-hospital personnel. These courses are available for both professional rescuers and private organizations. Please click on the area below that best describes your organization for details on courses designed for your needs.