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On Site Continuing Education Programs

We provide Michigan approved EMS continuing education credits for all pre-hospital license levels in Michigan both On-Line and in the classroom. Click on the On-line C.E. button to the left for more information about our on-line C.E. program. We will offer courses at your request and on your site for the convenience of your personnel. We are truly dedicated to EMS continuing education and believe that continuing education is just as important as initial education.

We take great pride in the quality of our continuing education programs. Our company was formed because we felt we could make a difference in EMS education by offering a continuing education program that was much more then just receiving the required credits to renew our license. We truly do bring fun and excitement back to EMS continuing educations. We also make continuing education very affordable for any agency regardless of size. We provide a state licensed instructor coordinator as the instructor in each continuing education class we provide.


We combine computer presentation technology, audio visual aids, practical exercises and computer generated review games to make the continuing education class a fun and rewarding experience for each and every student regardless of licensure level. We will conduct classes for any size group at all times of the year. If you wish to have classes on your normal department meeting nights, we will make the necessary arrangements to meet your needs. We will make continuing education for your organization fun and exciting. In addition, each student will leave the class with skills that they can apply to their jobs meeting the needs of the citizens in your community.

We will provide individual classes at your request or create a customized program for your organization. We also offer computerized tracking of the classes your personnel have attended so that you will be aware of what credits they still need prior to their license expiration date.

Professional Rescuer CPR and AED Training

Our CPR courses designed for the professional rescuer provide training in CPR and breathing emergencies for adults, infants and children. The course includes training in the use of a pocket mask, bag valve mask and supplemental oxygen. We also offer AED initial training and regular updates to meet all medical control requirements.