Welcome to our site:  Michigan EMS Education, Inc. is a growing company that creates and produces Emergency Medical Services Continuing Education (EMS CE).

Our course and program developers/educators have experience in the field and in the classroom.  This helps us make sure that the content of our courses is relevant to EMS practice.  EMS providers that need flexibility in completing license renewal requirements are our main customers.  However, providing affordable, quality CE for licensed EMS providers and Michigan’s EMS Instructor-Coordinators is our primary interest.  Above all, we strive to produce EMS CE programs that are creative, interesting, motivational and most importantly, educationally sound.

In addition to providing EMS CE, we also design and implement educational programs for EMS systems.  Using customized online courses alone, or in combination with practical skill sessions, is effective and motivational for EMS providers.  This teaching methodology is often used for recurrent training or for in-service education on new devices, procedures or protocols.  Research has shown that using online coursework for preparatory and blended training programs is successful and effective.  Consequently, we encourage you to consider being an organization that chooses this as an efficient training option. Let us help with the implementation of innovative learning for your providers.

Besides the development of  innovative learning tools, Michigan EMS Education, Inc.  has experience in providing support services (consulting and organization management) to small EMS-related organizations.  We know and understand the set-up and management of educational programs, workshops, meetings and conferences.  Contact us at admin@miemseducation.org or call our office at 855-763-6742 to speak with us about your education program or organization management needs.


If you are a licensed EMS provider looking for CE for license renewal in Michigan, our online education portal containing approved CE is planned to open at https://miemsed.online in late 2018.


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